Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not A Day Too Soon

Yesterday, I gave up on my efforts to find my camera, and went and bought a new one. I was holding off because I was sort of hoping it would just magically appear out of nowhere, and also I was hesitant to spend the money what with the floor tile and the oops, the baby broke the door situation. In the end, we decided to just do it, because I have so many times in the past few days said "Gosh I wish I had my camera, I would take pictures right now." Anyway.

This morning, Kevin was standing at the back door and said "Hey look, there's a bird out here with a fish." I ran to see, and sure enough there's the bird, with the fish. We watched him drop it.

Then he picked it up again. It was crazy, like the national geographic channel in my backyard or something.

And just then, a hawk swooped down and STOLE THE BIRDS FISH.

Not cool, Meanie Pants Hawk, not cool at ALL. I know, it's nature, but can you say RUDE? Later we saw the bird (or A bird, maybe the same one, I like to think so) with another fish.

*Don't worry about the pictures looking strange. I took them through the screen of my bedroom window. I was afraid the bird would fly away if I went out to take them.


Sue said...

Whoa! You DO have National Geographic in your backyard! (I'm checked, but the school doesn't have your camera, do they?)

Sue said...

Left out I'm SURE YOU checked...

Rebecca said...

Yes, I checked... not there. sniff. SO sad. But now I have a new one, and it's actually a little better than the last one.

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