Friday, September 19, 2008

Why You Should NEVER Say Things Are Easy

I'm not a superstitious person per se. I kind of believe in making your own luck, and making the best of every situation. However, I am now 100% convinced that if you talk about how well things are going, they can totally take a turn. The jinx. I don't know if it's to keep me humble, or WHAT, but dude. Yesterday I was all look how smoothly Wednesday went, such a nice day, and Thursday was okay too (until the "bewitching hour" but we even recovered from that rather nicely, if I do say so. Wait I should SO NOT say so. Scratch that.)

When Kevin is out of town, I pretty much have to stay up until I can barely hold my eyes open to prevent laying in bed awake for hours. So, I had a pretty great time just relaxing, hanging out doing silly stuff on the computer, and just soaking up the silence. It was nice. Finally, I quit thinking about the little house noises and went to bed. Within literally 5 minutes, the first kid was up crying. Zack. Somehow the door to his room was locked and he couldn't get out. I talked him through the unlocking process, not wanting to go back down the stairs I had just ran up to retrieve the little door key. Anyway. I just brought him downstairs with me to sleep. Well, Ben saw me on my way down and started screaming, so I soothed him to keep him from waking all the other kids. About 12:30 I collapsed back into my bed.

At 1:40 I awoke to Eric screaming "MOMMY I THREW UP." Which is pretty much the worst news I could get right now. I got him cleaned up and settled back in, but he was sick several more times in the night. Even now, he's laying on the couch just vegging, and I sincerely hope the pukey part is over.

So, today, my plan is to clean, clean, clean and now adding taking care of my sick bubby into that mix. It's fine, but I just feel awful for him. Being sick is lousy.

Can I just start the caffeine IV now, because MAN I am TIRED.

On the positive side, I shouldn't have any trouble sleeping tonight!


Mary Kate said...

yes...isn't that how it goes sometimes! my son will even take this a step further though....if we say something about boys' behavior in general he will literally start acting that way. For dh said "little brother usually make their sisters mad" (probably not directed at Nate but to another person) so Nate stepped up his aggravating ways to the next level. I got really mad at him one day for pestering Sophia until she cried and asked "why are you doing this!" (which I know isn't a good question to ask) but suprisingly it paid off this time. He told me brothers were supposed to do that. Ugh!

That just made me remember when he was younger and having trouble with friends or whatever we would talk about how good it felt to be nice and share, looks like we need to start doing that again!

Hope your day gets better...and yes you may start the IV now.

Brooke and BJ said...

I hope he's the only one that gets it.....hang in there!

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