Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Are SO Grounded From Watching HGTV

This kind of falls under the category of "what in the world were we thinking?" When we came home from vacation we walked in the door and I though "Holy cow our house is plain." At that exact moment Kevin said words to a similar effect. So, clearly we need to decorate. This weekend we bought some stuff for our bathroom.

We also got a big picture for the living room, but it's not on the wall yet. And then, pleased with having a few items to make our house not so boring, we sat down with the boys and turned on HGTV. A side note, Eric and Mark were GLUED to HGTV. Probably because in this particular show they completely tore out a kitchen. (Boys like destruction. It's a fact.) Then they rebuilt it and made it so pretty. Somewhere along the way Kevin said, "you know, we could redo our backsplash and it wouldn't be that hard." And I got all giddy because I really am not in love with our plain white tile boring blah backsplash. Granted I was prepared to live with it for a good while, but when he said this it got my attention. So we went to Lowes and Home Depot and found some tile I though might work. Then, since we give everything big like tearing tile off the wall such great forethought, he started ripping it off.

And then suddenly there was a hole in the wall and we started to freak out. After doing some reading though, I guess it's not that uncommon for the wall to come with the tile. It's just, when we planned out our new, dreamy backsplash, redoing the drywall didn't really enter into our minds. Last time we did tile was in our house in Oklahoma and we gutted the entire bathroom so we knew we would be rebuilding walls and such. That was a way huger project, but yet this had Kevin really stressed out about it becoming a much bigger job. Oh! And what if we mess up the house really bad. Granted, he's done floor tile before. Granted, he's added an entire wall before. Yet that was then and this is now. That house was built in 1955 and when we moved in had orange shag carpet (which we promptly ripped out and refinished the hardwoods underneath.) I'm rambling, but my point is I think he can do this but he is nervous because this house was not built in 1955 and is much nicer than our first one.

So, yesterday I went to the tile store and found some pretty tiles and got a rough estimate of how much it would cost if we had it installed. The answer... too much and they won't even do the demolition and wall rebuild. So, we are at a crossroads. We are pretty much committed to this project as, well let me just show you.

That's all we'll do until we have a clearer plan for how to proceed. We will call one more contractor for an estimate, and I think we should still do it ourselves. We always need stuff to do after the kids go to bed. I say we at least make an attempt on that small corner and see how it goes. I'll update to let you know what we do. And of course a before and after pic of the other wall.


A said...

This kinda reminds me of a friend. Her husband had a few buddies over, they were drinking, and decided to remodel her kitchen. They gutted in it a short amount of time. And it only took 2 years for her to get her kitchen back!

I can't wait to see the after pics!

Shanna said...

Oh! How fun! (insert sarcastic laugh here). Seriously, though, drywall isn't as bad as you might think, and it dosen't have to be done perfect if you are going to tile over it. YOU CAN DO IT! I did a bunch of drywall in my kitchen recently. It took forever, but mostly that was just finding time and energy to work on it. Just bite the bullet and do it! :)

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