Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feet in the Potty and Pee... WHERE?????

Sadly, this post title is just very accurate. Pretty funny, right? I admit it definitely is funny. But right there in that moment (ok, two separate moments) it wasn't so much funny, as crazy.

Yesterday was free movie day. Thank you Regal Cinemas for giving me this opportunity to pull out my hair. As much as I love the free movie concept, it often doesn't meet my expectations. This time was remarkably sane. Ben did fine as long as I was shoving Goldfish in his mouth. But then something really horrible happened. He got full. And started tossing the snacks I had so smartly packed him into the floor. And then he started trying to climb the seat in front of us and just generally be disruptive. After a quick consult with the other adult with us, I decided to take him out of the movie and leave her with my other 3, plus her 3. Still feel like I got the better deal there. We would have all left except my lovely Eric was GLUED to the movie. The one that if I had known what it was we would have stayed home. The one that I realized too late that it was a DOCUMENTARY. There were cute, fluffy animals, but the cute fluffy animals also ATE each other. Which was shocking to me, however my kids didn't even flinch (mostly because I don't think they understood what was happening.)

Ok, so Ben and I headed to the mall playground via the restroom. We went into the family restroom and I realized pretty quickly that I had never attempted this without Ben in the stroller. Huh. So, while I went to the bathroom, I had the oh so fun task of keeping Ben from playing in the smaller, very tempting toilet. I succeeded, and thought of how to occupy him while I washed my hands and decided to turn the water in the itty bitty sink so he could "wash his hands" too. And then I turned to find him putting his

*Side note* I have never seen nor heard of a child trying to actually get IN the toilet. This makes the second time he's done something like this and EW... EW EW EW...

So I removed him from the toilet and sanitized his FOOT (thank you mall for having hand sanitizer in the bathroom as mine was missing from the diaper bag) and we wandered back uneventfully to meet our friends coming out of the movie. Oh, well first we tried the playground, but he kept escaping so I just.gave.up.

This next story is unrelated except for the fact that it also involves the bathroom. Well, except it doesn't involve the bathroom, just PEE!

After the movies and lunch, we had Mark's friend over to stay for the afternoon & dinner. It was nice, everyone played great and we only had one little issue. Late in the afternoon Jack came down and said "You need to see what Mark is doing with the board." Hmmm I was pretty sure it couldn't be anything tooooo bad so I said "what board do you mean." And he said "Well, I think you just need to go look." So I did. And as I tried to walk in the door, it was slammed in my face. Telling me there was indeed, something to be seen. I opened the door but still didn't think it could be that bad. Well, it was. Even though I'm told this is pretty a pretty normal thing for a boy to do. I've been assured he's not a juvenile delinquent. The people I've told weren't even shocked at all. Although, I must tell you I was shocked to find he had peed in a wooden puzzle board. It was full to the top. I might have overreacted a little bit. I sent him to his room. For half an hour. During which time he fell asleep and would not wake up until after dinner time. Thank goodness I had a spare kid for Jack to play with.


bellebearberry said...

oh... wow...

feet in toliet 2X.... hmmmm.... my guess is that you are going to be using a lot of sanitizer in your future.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Oh... I didn't realize there was another toilet incident. Thank you GOD for hand sanitizer.

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