Monday, July 21, 2008

A Non Post

I know there is stuff I want to write about from the weekend but the words just aren't flowing from the fingertips like they normally do. My thoughts are kind of jumbled and anything I wrote would probably make no sense anyway (so, basically same as usual, right?)

Since I am having so much trouble, rather than continue to ramble and try to fight my way through some semblance of a blog post, I will leave you with something cute that Mark said yesterday.

In the van he quietly says "Mommy, guess who I love? She has a pink shirt, and a skirt with flowers." I said "Is it me?" And he said "MOM I'm NOT finished yet." So I shut my mouth and let him continue. I had my arm up resting my hand on the back of Kevin's headrest and Mark went on "... and she has a long skinny arm and a diamond ring." Not that my arm is actually skinny, but it made my whole day.

So, next time I'm frustrated about Mark and his shenanigans, maybe it will help me to remember that he LOVES his mommy!

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