Friday, July 18, 2008

Something That Doesn't Even Mention Kids

Do you ever drive down the road and see a shoe? When you see it, lonely in the middle of the road, do you ever think "How in the world does one lose a single shoe?" I do. All the time. I (because I'm a little odd) sit and wonder were you walking across the street and one fell off and you just didn't notice? Did it fall out of an open car door as you were speeding down the road? Maybe it was on your front porch and a stray dog came and made off with it and thought the highway looked like a good new home. I just can't figure it out. I'm sure there is some perfectly logical and sensible reason for this. But even the one that makes the most sense (fell out of the car) makes me say HOW?

All this said. I've lost my shoe. My very cute and beautiful and most favorite even though it's not a sandal and generally all my favorite shoes are sandals. That one. It's gone. One. And I'm back to howintheworlddoesaperson (ahem, me) loseashoe????

We came home from vacation and I unpacked it all except a little pile in my bedroom that sat there until yesterday. I kept thinking that maybe my cute little shoe would be in that pile and all would be well. I was wrong. We didn't leave it anywhere either because the Baileys already sent all the junk we left and I'm pretty sure I wore them at their house.

So, anyway, this is my goodbye to my beloved shoe. It is very sad and I am hoping that although I've already cleaned out the van, that maybe it is somewhere in there under a seat or something. It is my last hope. Otherwise I will just have to grieve this loss somehow. I'll pull through. Maybe some shoe shopping therapy is in order!


TheVillamorFamily said...

Sorry you lost your beloved shoe!!

What gets me thinking is when I see shoes hanging from telephone wires!

Justin & Angie Kimbro said...

Under the couch - that is the favorite spot in our house for rogue shoes...

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I wonder about those single shoes all the time. And I hope you find yours. It must be lonely.

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