Monday, July 28, 2008

Ben Loved the Cake Too

Ben's birthday cake was a bit of a fiasco. And not in the cute one year old dive into the cake with gusto sort of way. I had put these sprinkles on the cake. Cute little star sprinkles. He even had his own small cake to destroy and make a huge mess with. I have no doubt that he would have loved it. Except, those star sprinkles... he choked a little on one and wanted nothing to do with the cake after that. In fact he just cried. So we were done with the cake festivities. He made up for it with Zack's cake.


Mom, this is SO good!

And then when his was all gone, he went to check out the brother's leftovers.

Everyone else enjoyed the cake too, but no one was as enthusiastic (or messy) as Ben.


Anonymous said...

So sad that he choked on a star! But at least he had fun with some cake- that's all that matters, right?? :) I read the previous post about Zack, and I thought "what is she talking about- he isn't 3???" I was seriously confused looking at the candle.... then I realized he IS 3!! When did that happen?? Way, way too fast. And in that first pic, where he is waiting for the cake, he totallly looks like Mark!

Kellan said...

What cute pictures! Happy Birthday to Ben.

Have a good day - Kellan

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