Saturday, July 26, 2008


Three years ago today I woke up at 4 am and told Kevin... "Hey, I think my water broke." Which was strange because that never happened with my other two. Well, it happened, just not first. So, since my labors are super speedy, I called my doc and headed to the hospital, dropping Eric and Mark at a friend's house along the way. And how nice were they to take my 3 year old and 2 year old when they had 3 month old twins at home. I'll always appreciate that! So anyway, on the way to the hospital I kept trying to decide if I was even having contractions and was I even IN labor. Since my water had broken I knew they wouldn't send me home.

I got there and even without contractions was dilated to a 5. We decided to wait awhile and see what happened. I walked and walked and walked the halls to try to get things going to no avail. My doctor went back to her office to see a few patients and when at close to 1 PM there was still NO sign of labor they started pitocin. Oh how I didn't want to do that! But I am also impatient and Zachary seemed to be just happy as can be in there, and he had to come out so we started a pit drip at 1.

This is about the time the nurse started really annoying me. Something was up with the contraction monitor and I started having these ginormous contractions and it was a blip on the machine. I didn't have any pain meds so I knew they were ginormous. At 2 PM I asked her to check me because it was really intense and was starting to feel the urge to push and she said "Oh, no because you just started having good contractions, let's give it all time to work." Well despite being able to endure natural childbirth, I am a complete wimp about arguing with people so even though I knew I was right I didn't insist she check me. So, she walked out and I had the mother of all contractions at which point I completely panicked and started crying and tried with all I had not to lose control. I was about to tell Kevin to push the call button to get the nurse back in there when my doctor walked in. Kevin asked her to check me and guess what! The woman who had done this twice before actually knew what she was talking about. 10. They rushed to get everything together and my little Zack was born at 2:22.

The first thing I heard about my baby was "Ohhh he has dimples" from the newborn nurse.
He is my funny little man. He's always been silly and joking from the time he could talk. He loves to run in circles and jump just do anything active. He looks up to his big brothers, especially Mark. He loves to snuggle too.

For some time he's been asserting to me that he's not my baby anymore. I'd say "Come here baby boy." And he'd say "My NOT a baby Momma, my a BIG boy." And I have to admit, he is getting pretty big!

Happy Third Birthday Zack-a-roo. Mommy loves you!


Astarte said...

Why, oh why, do hospital staff not listen to us? Are there really THAT many idiots out there who don't know their own bodies that the nurses have become immune to everyone? Seriously.

And you might as well tell Zack that 'my' will always be your baby. Patrick used to be mad when I called him 'baby', so now I call him 'beebee' or 'beebs'. I dunno why, but THAT's fine.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...


Jill said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Zack! He does have the cutest dimples. It was fun to read his birth story again. :o)

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