Monday, July 14, 2008

Bowling, Haircuts and Sewing

*Warning, NONE of this is connected. Just random bits of life.*

Saturday was bowling day. I'm not sure if I've made it really clear but we've had a few problems with Mark lately. Namely really bad attitude and lying. Saturday morning was no exception and at breakfast he lied to me about something. An obvious lie and about something that he wouldn't have been in trouble for. I called him on it and told him if he didn't stop this he was going to be in really big trouble. So not long after, I caught him telling me another lie. Another one that if he'd have told the truth I would have said, "Ok, but let's please not do that anymore." Not worth the lie. I'm pretty sure he gets it now. He got sent to his room and Kevin and I discussed the fate of his morning bowling outing. (Bowling is at 9:30, so these two whoppers were told early.) We decided he needed a bigger punishment than getting sent to his room since it didn't seem to be getting through to him. Mark had to stay home from bowling. I almost cried. It was incredibly hard on ME to follow through with this punishment. But good grief what a transformation! No more lies, no more attitude. Just a sweet, loving five year old. I mean, I don't expect it to last forever (honestly I don't expect it to last until Tuesday, we'll see) but it sure was a nicer weekend after that missed outing.

I got my hair cut off on Saturday. I mean, shorter than the last time I cut it all off. I'll take a picture and post it after I actually fix it. The experience was amazing. I went here and it was so very relaxing. First was a scalp, neck and shoulder massage and they used this pepperminty smelling oil that just about made me melt right there in the chair. The actual haircut was uneventful, which is probably a good thing and I think I like the end result. It's a teeny bit shorter than I really wanted, but I figure that just gives me a little more time before I need the next haircut.

I decided a while back that I needed to make slipcovers for the ugly folding chairs in my sewing room. I checked out a book from the library and bought the fabric and the first one went together pretty quickly. Only problem is I put it on the chair and it looks awful. I know it is because of the shape of the chair. I have some ideas of how to fix them to make it work... so let's see if I can salvage this project.

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