Monday, July 14, 2008

I Thought I Might Die

Also know as Spinning.

As I walked into the gym last Monday, the instructor of my Total Toning (or whatever they call it) class roped me into suggested I try out her Spinning Class. I've been thinking about it for awhile anyway but I just wasn't sure. Because I've heard it's tough. I've seen people do it and it looks scary hard. Anyway, long story short, I did it. And I didn't die so I tried it again this week.

I was winded before the warmup was over. Since I'm so very smart (ahem, not!) I forgot my water. Never again will I make that mistake. Never. I kept pedaling and halfway through the first set of "hills" I pretty much almost quit. My heart was pounding, I was gasping for air. I did not quit, but I did crank down the resistance a bit. I also snuck out in the hall for just a minute to suck down some liquid out of the water fountain. But I got back on the bike. Kept pedaling. Last week I would have told you I have never sweat so much in my life, but this week topped even that. Every single hair on my head was soaked. After that first bit of feeling like I was going to collapse right off of the bike and die right then and there it got better. It wasn't easy, but it was possible to keep going. Then I felt like I was in some kind of groove and I made it through the rest of the class. Sweaty, and thirsty, and exhausted. But feeling a sense of accomplishment because I did it. It was hard and I pushed through it.

Don't be too proud of me. I mean, I sat a little when everyone else was standing, I didn't crank up the gear every time she said to. I think a few times I might have put the resistance down before it was time, but my feet kept moving. It feels good.

I didn't die. I think I'll go back too.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! That is fantastic! Seriously!!!!! I'm SOOOO proud of you! So what if you didnt do it exactly like the instructor? YOU STILL DID IT!!! And the fact that you are willing to go back says it all! You are the woman!

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you!!! That is your first goal as a just finish the class!! Don't you feel like you have accomplished so much afterwards??!!? I loved taking the class and now love to teach it...mostly because I get to put together my own workout and really work hard! ha! Come on up to laGrange and take my class today at 4:30!!

Just curious....what is the name of your gym's spinning program?

Rebecca said...

They do RPM but this was a freestyle class. The instructor does her own thing. And it's HARD. lol Anyway, I had NO clue you were an instructor. How awesome! Next time I'm in GA I'll check it out!

TheVillamorFamily said...

RPM is what we do here! I was at my mom's last week and her gym had another program that was *IMO* lame! I was so happy to get back to RPM!!

Adam and Lisa said...

I am impressed - spinning is hard, if you ask me. I love those work outs when you work really really hard and feel like you are going to die. I don't love them when I am doing them, but I always feel so much better when I am done! Good job!

Melinda & Matt said...

I love spinning! (Love as in it almost killed me but I recognized the benefit later)....I went for a long time then stopped and haven't gotten started again--but you've reminded me what a great workout it is!....maybe after the baby is here.

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