Monday, July 14, 2008

Just One More

Before I go off to tackle my Monday chores I want to post a few pictures.

First the haircut. And since in my endeavors to find a style I liked I found NO pictures of the back of haircuts, here is the back of mine. I am very happy to report that I styled it myself at the gym and not only was it easy and ended up looking like I wanted it to, it only took 5 minutes. Which is pretty much all I ask in a haircut these days.

Muffin tin lunch. Totally stole this from Shanna. This is why I love blogs. They make me laugh, and cry, remind me I'm not alone in this raising kids stuff, and give me fabulous ideas of things to do! Anyway, we had friends over for lunch and we did peas, corn, pasta, sauce, ham & cheese in muffin tins. The kids loved it.

Zachary with masking tape STUCK in his hair. And I do mean stuck. I was going to cut it out as he needs a haircut anyway, but I decided to just pull it out. There were lots of tears! His hair totally ripped out with the tape. Poor boy!

And just because I think he is SO flipping cute in this last picture.

I think I might have been experiencing blog withdrawal over the weekend. I'm all better now! Have a great day!


TheVillamorFamily said...

Love the haircut!

Angie Kimbro said...

You look great - and that Zach of yours is PRECIOUS!

bellebearberry said...

Like I said over at the sanctuary - wow one hot mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the disposable 6 muffin tins you have. I am going to get those for our next one. 12 was just way too much food. I love your hair, and a 5 min fix is priceless!

Crisa said...

I love your hair! We did the muffin thing too and Allie and Martin ate their whole plate. Thanks for passing on the idea.

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