Monday, February 9, 2009

Memory Lane

I was browsing through my archives the other day searching for this picture.

So that I could compare it to this picture.

It's a different little boy and a different house, but the same silliness!

While I was searching I read many posts from the past. I don't do this enough. I wanted to read the whole entire thing from the beginning, but my home dissolved into chaos around me and I had to stop. Funny how that happens.

Today I'd like to post some of my favorite stories from the past (almost) 2 years of blogging and raising kids.

It all started in April 2007. I don't know really what inspired me to begin blogging, other than the fact that I wanted a record. A timeline if you will of my journey with my family. I wanted to be able to remember the little things and the big ones too. More than anything, I wanted to preserve some of the boys childhood in a way that would work for me. Not being big on scrapbooking, I thought this blog might be the way to go. It also would be ideal to share with far away family and friends. So, I began not really sure how long I'd make it. In my first ever blog post I even declared myself the worst journal keeper ever.

One of the early posts was when Mark stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose and there was much drama in getting it out. By the way, that was NOT the last time we had stuff up the nose.

I wrote about the crazy things they did.

I confessed when I blamed the baby for losing my keys when they were in fact never lost.

I shared bad days (continuation of that story here) and good ones.

Some of my favorite posts are about days that I have completely forgotten about, but that make me laugh out loud when I reread them.

It hasn't all been about the kids... I've told you all about our remodeling. Before... during and for some reason I can't find the after.

I wrote when we got to be in the newspaper.

When we went camping with our friends.

When I just couldn't laugh about it... and also when I could.

There were actually a few easy days...

I confessed that I'm not perfect... far from it.

And recently, I posted about some things that are making me crazy lately, happily I'm feeling better now. :)

I wish I would have started blogging the minute Eric was born, but I am thrilled that I will always have these stories, along with the zillion others I've posted.

Thanks for indulging me in my stroll down Memory Lane.

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Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I am so behind! I love this! I totally loved when you blamed Ben for losing your keys! I blame everything on my kids, and it's usually actually me!!

I wish I started my blog about 10 years before I did (did blogs even exist that long ago? Probably not!). I love reading yours... too much passes through mommy-memory for us to retain all this great stuff!

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