Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuff Up the Nose

Why do boys put things in their nose? Really, why? If you know feel free to enlighten me. Today I'm doing something (who knows what really) and Mark comes up to me. "Mommy, I have something in my nose." Sooo I look and sure enough there is a popcorn kernel up there. I have to fight back a laugh but ask him why on earth he put a popcorn kernel up his nose. His answer provoked more stifled laughter... "So I could stop sniffing." Perfect. So, I go into crisis mode. How do I remove said object out of his nostril without shoving it up further. Tried having him blow... nothing, tried the lovely blue booger sucker... still nothing. Chased him around the house for a good five minutes trying to convince him to let me try to get it out with tweezers all while he's yelling. "I'll DO IT MYSELF!" Uh huh. That would work. So I dial up the pediatrician and he yells "NO DOCTOR MOMMY!" So I told him he had to sit still so I could get it out. Got him settled on the couch and pushed his nose up toward his face and still can't get the damn kernel. So I kept pushing the nose and had him blow. And tada out it flies and all is well. Then I had a talk with both Eric and Mark about not putting stuff in their noses OR their ears (just so they can't say I didn't tell them.)

I wish that was the last of the stuff up the nose drama for the day, but sadly it is not. About a month ago Eric told me he had a sticker in his nose. He had been playing with one of the stickers the moving company put on everything when we moved to FL. Neither Kevin nor I could SEE anything so we had him blow his nose. My logical assumption was either it was a tiny piece & it would come out. OR that he was wrong and didn't really put it up his nose. In any case I decided to watch him & if he seemed overly stuffy or anything I'd take him to the pediatrician. SO, skip ahead to now and Kevin is working late tonight so I decided to slack & run through McD's drive thru for dinner. On the way home he sneezes and says "MOM, I sneezed a sticker out of my nose." You have to be kidding me!! I completely forgot about that sticker. I told him to hold onto it because I wanted to see how big a piece he put up there. We get home & it truly was a whole sticker. Maybe an inch by a half inch (I didn't measure it...I'm just guessing) Holy crap I felt like a bad mom. He's no worse for the wear I guess.

Again, I ask you WHY do they stick stuff in their noses? I still have to go through this with Zack & Ben... but they won't do this, right? Right????? :)

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