Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Really Is Just Funny

Besides a few minor temper tantrums and kid arguments, yesterday was pretty awesome. The best part is I really enjoyed the kids. I'm ashamed to say that's been rare this summer. It's been hard and I spent entirely too much time feeling frustrated. Granted, four kids can be difficult and,well, frustrating. But yesterday was just fun. Which is saying a lot on a day that I had tons of housework and errands to run.

A few things that made me smile yesterday...

Lunchtime. Mark asked me to make lunch right now and I told him to wait just a few minutes. Patience not being one of his strong points, he informed me he was going to make his own lunch. I asked him to wait just a minute and he goes "FINE, I'll make my own lunch." And I watched him. He got out the tortillas and said he was making a burrito. He got out the vienna sausages (ick, I know) and I told him that MAYBE that he should use beans. He said NO that HIS burrito would have the little bitty hotdogs in them. OY So I watched and just let him do his thing. He asked me to open a can of corn and I did. He put some parm. cheese on it and rolled it up. Oh, I told him it wouldn't be a good idea to put the WHOLE can of sausages on one tortilla... it took some convincing, but he let me help. It was all over but the eating. You should have seen his face... It was all I could do not to crack up, but he asked me to make him a cheese quesadilla and I did.

Then there was my Zack being so very sweet to me. He loves to hug and kiss and be silly and it is just adorable. I hope he stays this sweet forever (but he can stop throwing the fits, really.)

In the car on the way to a friend's house I was listening to talk radio and the host was talking about Vladimir Putin. It took me a minute to realize why Eric and Mark were giggling suddenly. Okay, I'm a little dense, I had to ask. Eric said "Mommmmma, that guy said POOT-IN." Of course, the potty humor! I should have known. I couldn't help but giggle along with them though, because it was pretty funny. Plus, kids laughing is contagious! Then I explained to them who Putin is and we had a pretty good conversation about that, and you know, that made me smile too.

Last night I had to go out to get my mom a birthday present and stuff for Kevin's birthday dinner, and to take some sample tile back to a tile store. Mark came with me. He is so funny with people. I don't know what criteria he uses to judge or if it's just a whim but some people, he'll shy away from, but others... whew... he talks their ears right off. He told the tile store guy that we were going to buy his school supplies, and he wasn't in PreK anymore he was going to KINDERGARTEN! He told everyone who would listen that "Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday and we got him his favorite steak and we will make him a cake and buy him presents." He told one person "This is my mommy. We have FOUR boys in our family." Then he waited for her to be impressed. I think she was.

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