Friday, February 20, 2009


We were out riding bikes around the cul de sac. Well technically, Eric was running, Mark biking, Zack scootering and Ben being pushed on the trike. We were at the driveway across the street, and Mark tried to zoom past me & Ben. He crashed right into their car!!!! Horrible! There were tears (he was fine) and I examined the car. If we damaged it, it was just a scratch, one among many. The neighbors had to be told.

When I let Mark know we needed to go to the door and tell them that we had crashed into their car. Oh the drama! More tears, and he ran into the house. I explained that if he did not accompany me to tell this family about their car he would miss fun things this weekend. Soccer, birthday party, and any other fun thing we might do. If he didn't obey me, he could spend that time in his room. Finally, he relented, after going through all the reasons why he couldn't. "He's a stranger!" (he's not!) "What if he hurts me?" (yea, I'm gonna let that happen) "He'll be maaaaaaaaaaad." (well, maybe, but would be moreso if we didn't tell him.) Anyway, it was such a non event. I asked him to look at his car and he laughed. Said "Look at all these scratches. If you made one of them, it just blends in."

But it was a good learning experience for Mr. Mark.

1. Don't speed by people when there is little room.
2. When you hit someone's property you have to tell them.

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Astarte said...

Oh, Patrick would have acted the exact same way!!!!! It's so good that you persisted and made him realize how important it was to swallow his fears, and pride, and march over there to do the right thing. Good for both of you!

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