Friday, June 27, 2008

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Today is the day that Kevin arrives! Well, he gets here at 11:00 pm, but I am way excited! Can't wait to see him. Ten days is too long to be apart. It's been good spending time with family, but I do MISS him. Plus feel insanely guilty that I'm off vacationing and playing and enjoying our kids and he's at work. Today it will all be right again.

The last few days have been fun. We've done the zoo, and played more on the water slide. They just love that thing. In fact, I awoke this morning to Mark saying, "Mommy! Mommy! You have to come quick! It's about to rain! And the water slide says on it not to let it get rained on! I tried to tell Granny but the door is locked!" So, I trudged up and unplugged the water slide and dragged it onto the patio. I did check before doing all that and it does, in fact, say "do not leave out in the rain." When did they get so smart?

Last night was a bit of musical beds for me. Mark has been sleeping with me at night despite having a perfectly fine bunkbed that fits the three bigger boys. It's been fine, but will have to stop now because daddy will be taking that spot. Zack was having trouble falling asleep last night and kept getting up. My mom went to check on them and came back to inform me that no one was in the bottom bunk. I checked the top bunk, the floor, Ben's pack n play, and finally, my bed but no Zack was to be found. I got a little freaked out wondering where he was and I whispered "Zackie, where are you" not really expecting an answer, but I got one "I in here momma." From the closet. I put him back again and before long we heard a clang clang clang coming from in there. He was playing with these decorative brass giraffes from the bookshelf in there. So, that time mom put him back to bed. It was quiet. We watched tv. I still wasn't convinced my child was in bed, and after checking it out I was right to be unsure. He was back in my room looking in my suitcase. I scooped him up and told him he needed to sleep and he told me "I sleep in here." So I tucked him in to my bed, deciding right then that I would be sleeping in the bottom bunk.

I did go to bed in the bottom bunk and had just fallen asleep when Mark came to join me. Darn, I was hoping to enjoy the double bed all by myself. But Mark was still, and we slept soundly. That is, until Zack came down the hall crying and freaking out wondering where everyone went. I took Zack back to my bed and we slept. At some point Mark came in, and at some point he left again, and then came back to tell me to rescue the beloved water slide.

Today, it is raining so that should be interesting. I kind of had hopes of going to the lake after my brother sleeps (he works night shift, but is off tonight) but that won't be happening. I guess we'll find something to do to entertain children and help me not lose my mind.

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Mary Kate said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation! It sounds like a lot of fun...minus tough kids;)

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