Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Did you ever...

... realize you had no idea where your children were? I mean, I knew they were in the house, but other than that, it was fairly quiet, and that is rare. And in my experience, it is bad news. I had called for them a few times and was met with giggles. Also a sign of not good things. I was paying bills, so the quiet was good, but once I got my head out of the numbers and dollar signs and got the bills all paid I figured I better find them. The soft voices seemed to be coming from my bedroom and when I opened the door I found them. Kind of. It seems they had decided to play let's hide under the covers in Momma's bed. It was cute and harmless, and they actually hid pretty well. If it weren't for the giggles and the three big lumps under the comforter I might have even missed them. I guess quiet isn't always bad. Only 99% of the time.


Sue said...

"Did you ever... realize you had no idea where your children were?"

Nope. Not me. Uh uh. Never.

(I wish my kids would occassionally get up to such harmless sneakiness.)

Rebecca said...

I was quite shocked.

But later I realized when I let them play dressup with past halloween costumes that I forgot to lock up the closet and... guess what? They took out all the other bins & had Easter & Christmas decorations all over Mark's room. Uh huh, nice.

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