Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I think I mentioned that I signed Eric and Mark up for a bowling league for the summer. I was all for an indoor activity. It's on Saturday mornings, but we got 2 free games for each kid for signing up. Anyone guess what we did today? Yep, bowling. Everyone had fun, but let me just refer to my statement in my previous post. It is virtually impossible to go anywhere with four kids without a fiasco of some variety. Let's just strike out that "virtually" part and now we have accuracy.

Bowling was actually fun, in spite of the following.

  • The 5 year old who is bound and determined to not have fun no matter what we do. It's never enough and it's never quite right. Someone is always out to get him. Or bothering him. Or something. What am I doing wrong, I just want him to be happy, or thankful, or some kind of satisfied. Whew, didn't mean to go into all that... sorry.
  • The almost 3 year old who wanted every turn to be his. Who threw the ball down the wrong lane twice, and somehow in spite of the bumpers on the lane, managed to get the ball stuck in the gutter. How does this even happen?
  • The fight over the bowling ball that ensued when Zack tried to steal Mark's turn. Oh boy was that one fun! (Actually, it was rather amusing from my end, in retrospect.)

Ben was held by my friend and somehow her 2 year old did not cause any of the chaos that mine did. Ben tried to wriggle down but was overall very well behaved and did not terrorize the bowling alley.


Anonymous said...

Bowlers Unite! Hee

Yeah, can you guess what my "sport" was as a kid? You're looking at the High Series Champ, Baby!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that sounds fun! We had an outing fiasco yesterday, and I am still mad at those darn kids. I need to get over it!

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Ack!! Poor you! It sounds like my post office experience. I just needed 5 minutes of good behavior. Didn't happen.

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