Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Few Things I Forgot Last Night

I completely forgot to post about a few things that are going on.

First, Ben is driving me completely insane here. Seriously, the kid is in turbo crazy mode and it's enough to drive me over the edge. So far he has broken a candlestick and a coaster, climbed onto the kitchen chairs, then onto the table. He got back into the bathtub the other night after I had gotten him in jammies (and yea, I forgot to drain the water.) This morning he climbed onto the top bunk which just freaks me out because of what happened to
Zack when he was just barely two. Just the thought of bunk beds gives me hives, but I figured for a week I could just chill. That was before Ben figured out how to climb the ladder. Luckily, Mark called for me and I got Ben down without incident. Unless, of course, you consider him kicking and screaming and throwing a fit an incident. What matters is, he didn't get hurt. So I have put mom's step stool away, closed off every room, turned on Sesame Street and sitting here with the laptop to post this. And he's still finding things to get into. Like the dog food. And the dog water. YUMMY. Yes, folks he ate a piece of dog food. Or maybe more. I prefer to think just one. The other thing I meant to post about is night before last my brother took me to the lake. It was awesome. Just Jason, Summer and I on the boat. I was nervous to try to ski because it's been at least 2 years, and maybe 3. I jumped into the water (icky gross Lake Arcadia. It didn't used to bother me but a few years in FL and I am a little skeeved by it) and got the skis on, and got up the very first time. I skied until I felt like my hands were going to fall off (so 5 minutes or so) and then let go. Summer wake boarded and then Jason. Now, my little brother is pretty awesome on that thing and I totally enjoyed watching him jump & even do a few flips. Then it was my turn and they talked me into trying to wake board. To my great surprise I got up in a few tries and after a few complete wipeouts I went a decent distance. Then the boat started to pull me out of the wake, and not knowing how to control my movement yet on that thing I panicked and fell again.

I think the one worst fall I had pulled something in my neck because it is still stiff and sore, but it was so much fun and I want to go back out. We'll see what happens!

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