Monday, June 2, 2008

More Ramblings of a Proud Momma

Today was Eric's Kindergarten Awards Ceremony and I got to attend A-L-O-N-E which was beautiful thanks to a friend who kept my other 3 crazies. I seriously enjoyed every minute. Even when it got a little on the long side. Eric got an award for "Outstanding Reader" in his class. I knew he was reading well, and the teacher had even told me he was the best reader in his class. But seeing him up there with his teacher and his certificate, being recognized in front of his classmates and other parents, well that was priceless.

I took pictures, but I was sitting too far back to get a good shot even zoomed in to the max.

After the ceremony, it was picnic day for the Kindergarten & First Grades, so I got to eat lunch with Eric and we chatted and had some far too rare one on one time.

I was asked if Mark's PreK graduation made me cry, and it did, but only a little. This one had me teary too. And there weren't even caps and gowns or cute songs but I was just so proud of my biggest boy.

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Anonymous said...

Kinder kids I am ok with, but Eric is WAY too young for 1st grade!! You really have to stop him soon!

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