Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The time has come for summer vacation. Today I have to finish cleaning the house and pack to be gone for about 18 days. That's almost three weeks! Ack!

The point of this post is that my daily blogging will be on hold during that time, as I will be very busy keeping boys out of trouble at my family's home, and then my inlaws home. I will try to sneak a post in here and there though.

Our vacation plan?

Day one: Drive to Panama City Beach to meet up with brother & his wife who are vacationing there. Play on the beach, and then drive to somewhere in Alabama.
Day two: Drive to some point between where we are and KC.
Day three: Arrive in KC sometime mid to late afternoon. Hang out with friends!
Day four: More playing in KC with friends and leave around 6 or 7 pm to head to OKC.
Day five - eleven-ish Hang out with family in OKC, various activities. Kevin arriving to join us on Friday of this week.
Day twelve - sixteen Hang out with Kevin's family in OKC.
Day seventeen - eighteen - drive our little family back home to Florida.

There will be lots of fun had and I'm sure we'll go to zoos and science museums, and I'll tell you all about it!

For now, my mom arrives this afternoon (you didn't think I was driving all that way alone with four kids, did you? And we head out early tomorrow! Wish us luck (and sanity!)


Netspartyof6 said...

Safe trips Becca.. I hope you have a great trip

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I will miss your blogging!

Tiffany said...

Good luck and have fun! :)

Kellan said...

Sounds marvelous - I hope you all have a great vacation! SEe you soon. Kellan

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