Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

Before we headed out for the free movie today, I wanted to post some random stuff. None of it ties together at all, but here it is.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and Mark and Zack were the only ones up. Mark wanted to play on the patio and I said "heck yea!" I checked on them a few minutes later and there was PEE on my patio. I asked "WHAT is this?" And Mark said "I just had to pee really bad!" I know this is a pretty common boy thing to do, but it's a first for us. Pee goes in the potty people! Is it really that hard?

Zack sees a paper with letters on it or a book and says "I read it" and then says "A... B... C..." today he saw a paper with words and a picture of an eagle. He says "A...B...C... bird!" Funny stuff!

Mark Complains about pretty much everything.

Ben, who I haven't posted a picture of lately, is getting tooooooo big. He's my sweet, busy boy and those cheeks sure are kissable!

We are off to our free movie and I'm leaving with this thought... Is a movie still free if it costs the mom her sanity? I guess we'll find out.


Shanna said...

I don't know if I've seen Ben with his haircut!! He looks so much older! Cute pic. We tried the free movie yesterday. Lasted about 20 min before the sanity was in serious jeopardy. I hope you have a better experience!

Rebecca said...

Eh, the first half was great. Then Ben got antsy, then Zack then Mark. By the end I was seriously ready to scream. But the fact is, now it's one pm and Ben and Zack are both asleep... and that might just be worth it (they fell asleep on the way home.)

Shanna said...

Hey, at least it was something to do for the morning! :) And naptime is wonderful. :)

Kellan said...

My boy is 11 and he's still peeing in the grass.

I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. See you soon.

Rebecca said...

Hi Kellan! Nice to meet you too! Hope to see you here soon!

Kellan said...

Hi Rebecca - thanks for coming by my site. Have a good day and I'll see you again soon - Kellan

Jill said...

Ben is so cute! That is such a sweet picture.

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