Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation - Part 3 Oklahoma or Bust... or something

So Saturday afternoon we hit the road and headed for Edmond, OK. My GPS croaked on the way to Kathleen's house that morning and I fully blame the dude at Target in Birmingham who told me "yes ma'am, this one is cheaper, and yes it will charge your GPS, and nooooo it won't be a problem at allllll." Yea, well, tell that to my GPS that won't turn on. Nice. Anyway, not that I'm going to dwell on that or anything. Especially since getting from KC to OKC is way easy provided you can find I-35. I got stellar directions so I found it just fine.

So far here at "home" has been great. My parents bought this ginormous water slide thing that the boys have been on a ton, and I've even gone down a few times and it is FUN! Try not to picture me doing this as I'm relatively sure it's NOT pretty. Every time Zack went down he said "Momma, did you see me?" And occasionally he mixed it up with "did you see me Ganny." Too fun! The best part of the whole water slide thing is the kids are going to sleep so easily and today I didn't get woken up until 7:50. That's practically mid day.

I've also shopped. Ooooh I love shopping. I don't generally let myself buy stuff just because but I saw a realllllly cute skirt at Anne Taylor Loft in KC and they gave me coupons. Coupons that expired before I went home. I simply couldn't let that go to waste. So, I have some new clothes and that is just thrilling!

Today we had lunch at my super duper favorite Mexican place ever. Nothing compares. And they are only in OK. Boo. But it was so yummy and I have leftovers to have for lunch tomorrow. Yum!

We have come down with our mandatory kid rash that comes with every trip we make to Oklahoma. Except... it's a different kid. Used to be, Eric would get a full body rash every year when we came to OK, but for some reason, this year it is Mark. I have no idea why. It started before we did any laundry and I don't think it's a soap allergy but the poor guy is so itchy he can't stand himself. He has excema too, but this seems different to me. And speaking of eczema, Ben has the worst outbreak he's ever had. It looks so pitiful I just hate it. They are having fun in spite of all the itching, and so far Eric and Zack are unscathed. I am dousing them with hypoallergenic lotion, hydrocortisone cream, and this natural stuff my sister in law gave me. All of it is easing the itch, but none of it is coming close to getting rid of the rashes, yet. I'm holding out hope. I'm really liking the Everything Balm (see natural stuff link) as it smells lovely and really seems to soothe the itchies pronto. ANYWAY, what's a vacation without someone getting sick or a rash or something.

Speaking of sick... My dad is sick today. He threw up this morning and then had horrible pain in his leg. He said it was super sore to the touch, and just felt like crap alll day. He was in bed literally all day long and I feel horrible for him. And then really really guilty because I keep thinking please don't let us get this, please don't let us get this, PLEASE.don't.let.us.get.this. Such compassion I have. No really, I am so sad my sweet daddy feels yucky. I hope he's better tomorrow! (pleasedon'tletusgetthis!)

Tonight, I went and got a mani/pedi. Another treat that I pretty much only indulge in on vacation. I have to say it wasn't the most relaxing thing ever. They were so fast and efficient and did a really good job, but it was just, well, rushed. It's ok though because the results are so very pretty! My nails are hot pink now, and I only managed to smudge one toe as I walked into my parents house.

While driving around looking for a place to get the mani/pedi, I let myself wander a little. I drove past old friends neighborhoods and thought about them, drove past new shopping centers that used to be old stores that have been torn down and rebuilt over the last year. I remembered people and places and got kind of sentimental about this place. This place that I really never would have come back to if not for family. I wondered if we'd ever come back when before I never even would have thought of it. I realized that I really do love this town and that while I'm happy where we currently live, that Edmond, Oklahoma will always have a home like quality to me, no matter where I live or how long I'm away or how much it changes. Ok, all done being sappy!

Anyway, I guess I should go to bed. OR I could read all those blogs with new entries on my sidebar. Maybe a few. Goodnight internet!

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