Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away.. on second thought, you can stay!

It's the rainy season in Florida, also known as hurricane season (none so far thank goodness.) Also known as don't make any afternoon outdoor plans unless you have a plan B or are prepared to wait out the storm. The other day I was heading home from Target and it was POURING on me, yet the sky in front of me and to both sides was clear and sunny, but if I looked behind me, boy was it ominous. That's just how it is here this time of year. I can't get used to it. After I got home we sat on the patio and watched the storm heading right for us. And then we watched it totally miss us. Kevin said, "I guess I better mow while I can" and right after he finished there was a total downpour. Out of nowhere as the first storm was long gone by then. That night was full of thunder and lightning and frightened children, but no real scary weather, just noisy.

Yesterday was more of the same with the afternoon/evening rain and we again, sat outside to watch it roll on by. The boys wanted to run in circles in the rain, and we said "Sure!" It pretty quickly descended into mud puddle jumping and I held back my desire to say "Nooooooooooooo." They are boys after all. After the mud jumping good time, they got hosed off by daddy and then came in for a bath. They were some dirty little boys.

You'll notice Eric is absent from these pictures. He, being the smart and rational creature that he is did not want to participate in the mud part. He did participate in the hosing down, but he can RUN and I wasn't fast enough to snap any pics.

And for your viewing pleasure...

As you can hear, Daddy was totally encouraging this. I was just cracking up at their willingness to get drenched and dirty. Just one more...


Anonymous said...

You are such a good mommy to let them do all that!! I always say I will let them play in the rain, even bought the rain boots. But every time it rains I think "oh, not today....maybe next time".

Kellan said...

Yes ... boys love mud - cute videos!! I wish we had some of that rain here - we are headed into serious drought!

Nice to see you today - thanks for coming by. See you soon - Kellan

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