Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer: Week One Complete

Where the heck has the week gone? So this is summer break. BUSY! Too busy to blog. I must remedy that.

We've been having fun. My primary objective is to make the kids so tired they fall asleep easily at bedtime. Secondary objective is to get them sleeping past 5:45. 7 or 8 would be ideal. I'd settle for 6:30.

The only problem with keeping them busy and wearing them out is that I am exhausted. More than them.

Fun though, let's focus on that. Swimming lessons have been awesome! The first lesson was a little rough for Zack, who decided he wanted his floatie and cried the first 20 minutes of the 45 minute lesson. By the end, though, he was smiling and proud of himself! I fully anticipated Ben being less than thrilled about not getting to get in the pool. He did throw one major tantrum, complete with kicking and screaming. After that he occupied himself with going in the bathroom, washing his hands and walking back outside. Again, and again, and again. OCD, or normal 2 year old obsessiveness? You tell me.

On Wednesday we threw a water balloon party in the front yard. All I heard all day long was "Can we get ready for the party? Let's fill water balloons now. What time is the party again? Mom can I help?" (followed by whining about how what I wanted them to do to help was NOT what they had in mind.

So, summary of the first week of summer. Lots of fun, lots of whining. Tired Mommy, tired kids. However, not tired enough to actually sleep until the sun comes up. One week down 10 to go (yes I counted.)


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you on tired! We have been so busy swimming, zoo, playgroups, movies... I am exhausted by about 4! Our dinners have been suffering! Ah well.

Mine will ALL be in school in just a few short weeks, so I'm dreading it and also looking forward to it all at the same time.

Rebecca said...

Oh man! ALL! I forgot about that! You will love it though! Our dinners are suffering too. I ordered pizza last night because I didn't want to mess up the kitchen that I finally cleaned about 4.

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