Friday, June 26, 2009

Not to Sound Like an Advertisement

Okay, I don't want to sound like an advertisement for Sams, but I learned something recently that is making summer time grocery shopping much less horrible.

I always saw the signs for the "click and pull" service and just assumed it was for business members only but Kevin realized not too long ago that it was for us too.

Here's how it works. Go online and place your order. Easy. If you order by 5 PM it will be ready the following day at 10 am. They'll send an email when it's all ready and then you go get the cart with your name on it & take it through any register. After you pay, they go get any perishable items from their cooler and you are set.

It's seriously my favorite thing right now.

1 comment:

Astarte said...

Whoa. That sounds amazing! Personaly shopping at big box prices!

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