Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running Late

I seem to be running late all the time lately. I used to be fanatical about being on time. I'd stress and end up where I was going 10 minutes early and 15 minutes before everyone else got there. I'm still fairly punctual when it matters... kids to school, things with actual start times, like sports. But I've given myself permission to be a little late to other things. Or more realistically (because punctuality just runs through my veins or something) I'm giving myself permission to relax if I'm not to the minute on time to things like playgroup.

So, that's why I keep posting a day late when I've written somewhere else. And that's okay too, right?

On Deep South Moms yesterday I wrote a post about sometimes wishing I could rewind a few seconds just to get something right. Although, I determined that it probably was for the best that I can't do that.

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