Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Talk - revisited.

So, I'm experience a new version of potty talk that I didn't expect quite yet.

There are words in this house we don't allow from children and I try my darnedest not to say them too but occasionally, I'll slip. These words include: stupid, butt, hate and shutup. Oh and fart. Also gratuitous use of words like poop, underwear and body parts are discouraged. Obviously, there are times in which these latter words are acceptable (such as "I have to poop", or "where is my underwear?") The times in which I find them offensive are those in which the kids are having a grand time calling each other a POOPY head. I'm really not only interested in messing up their fun.

Often around the house I hear a child say "MOMMMMMMMMY so and so said the F WORD." And my heart sinks a little until I realize that it's not that f word, but the one referring to flatulence. SIGH.

It is quite clear that I have not succeeded in eliminating potty talk from my home. Yesterday I was trying to get Ben to take his nap. This is getting increasingly difficult despite the fact that he is NOT GOING TO SLEEP at night and waking up EXTRA early in the morning. It's like suddenly he just doesn't need to sleep. It stinks.... but I digress. I was laying in his floor, thinking if he just stayed in bed for 2 minutes he'd fall out. He said "Mommy sing fishy song." So I did and he sang along and it was just the cutest. Then at the end of verse one he added "poopy." I giggled (hey, I couldn't help it, it caught me by surprise) then asked him why he said that. He grinned and said "UnderWEAR!"

He's such a BOY!

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