Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Part of Today

Often when I'm putting the kids to bed I ask them what their favorite part of the day has been. Answers vary, and are often surprising. A lot of times I get "nothing," especially from one kid in particular. The other day we went to the pool and played tennis after dinner and I kind of thought one of those would make the favorite of the day but both of my bigger boys said "eating your famous homemade pizza." Which was kind, but I promise it wasn't famous. It was, in fact, homemade. Good, but hardly worthy of such high praise. (But I was thrilled they liked it.)

So, my point to all that is that I'd like to share my favorite moment of today. We were in the car driving to pick up a ladder since we reconfigured the beds into bunk beds. Which may or may not require the explanation that we are switching kids' rooms around again because Ben has been crying... more throwing a complete tantrum ... to sleep with Mark at night. "Seep Mark's woom. Momma. In DERE!!!" So, being clearly obvious that the littlest boy is the boss around here, we decided to do the switcheroo. (Let me just say that we were thinking of this switch anyway to hopefully ease some other sleeping issues and wake up times. Trying to put the earliest risers in the same room in the hopes that they won't wake up the ones that actually sleep. I'm pretty sure it will backfire somehow.) So, upon figuring out how to fit 2 twin beds in Eric's room instead of one twin and one toddler, we realized that the two twins won't fit in there if we want any actual space in there. Soooo, I thought we could just bunk them as the beds are designed to do that. Only we needed a ladder. And I might need some Valium since last time we had bunk beds was when Zack busted his head open.

Anyway. We were driving to get a ladder from the furniture store we bought the beds from a few years ago. We had to drive a ways to the warehouse to pick it up and Eric was reading on the way. Kevin and I were talking and suddenly Eric says "YES!!" I turned back to see what was so exciting and he was intently reading the Magic Treehouse and not even realizing I was peeking he whispered "that's what I wanted to happen."

It made my day.


Shanna said...

Aww, that's cute! I hope the new arrangement works. Whenever we ask Aidan his favorite thing of the day, he says "Well, it would have been this (naming something we didn't do), but we didn't do it". It is sad, that he can only think of what we *didn't* do, but it cracks me up everytime.

The Okie Frau said...

How sweet! I remember how magical certain books were (and still are) for me and how my involvement in them swept me away from real life. Yay for Eric!

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