Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Day One: The Longest Day

Maybe it just felt extra long because Mark and Zack were up at 4:30. To be honest, I didn't get up then because Ben was still asleep, but I did wake up about every 5 minutes from then until 6 to make sure nothing crazy was going down. Maybe it was because I was a tiny bit cranky. Maybe it was because Kevin left the house at 5 AM and didn't get home until 7 PM. In any case by about 10:45 I was crazy. I needed to make lunch but didn't really want to eat anything we had. I was going to mail some things but couldn't find my stamps. I knew that we'd better get out of the house and do it quickly. I had a few books waiting for me at the library, so we loaded in the car, got some fast food and went to the library. It was perfect. The little kids played with blocks and trains, the big boys picked out books and then played with blocks and trains with their little brothers. Eric and Mark are the proud owners of their very own library cards now.

The afternoon went fairly smoothly. Ben napped. Eric, Mark, and Zack painted, and then at some point Zack fell asleep in the floor in the middle of putting his clothes back on


Everyone was so tired and I was too, so they all went to bed at 6:45 without complaint and I didn't hear from them until 5:50 this morning. That's still way too early but it's a heck of a lot better than 4:30.

Today I've gotten off to a pretty slow start, but I think we'll go to the playground before it gets too hot. Getting out of the house is going to be instrumental in surviving this summer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that pic is HILARIOUS!! But how sad is it that I thought it was Mark?? When did Zack get so BIG??? Gosh darn it, by the time we see you all, I'm probably going to think that Ben is Zack and keep asking where is the baby.


Rebecca said...

It is sooo true. He is suddenly huge. And almost FOUR. CRAZY! And yea, I don't really have any more babies. That feels good in some ways. But it is so strange.

We have to get together soon. Next time Kev goes to GA I'll try to talk him into driving.

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