Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun!

My goal for this summer is to stay busy and keep everyone having fun. So far we have done this. We have spent at least an hour every day but one at the pool. On Sunday evening when we went (to kill that last hour before bedtime) my kids started laughing hyterically saying we get to go to the pool three days in a row!! It is notable that my children, who two weeks ago would throw a hissy fit if a stray drop of water touched their cheek, are now going under willingly to retrieve torpedos from the bottom of the shallow end. Today we start swimming lessons so hopefully soon they will be able to actually swim so I can breathe a little while we are there.

On Tuesday afternoons we will be going to the library for the summer reading program. I have no idea what to expect from this except for the kids to log what they read and get to attend a party at the end of summer. Wednesdays will be playgroup and I plan to take advantage of free summer movies almost every week. This gets us out of the house at least once almost every day. We'll fill in the gaps with trips to the pool and other water fun. Tomorrow we are having some friends over to play with water balloons. I might even get the sprinkler running.

I don't feel like we are over scheduled, in fact I'm pretty proud that we have a summer of fun for very little money (even the swim lessons are through the parks & recreation department for a very low cost.) I really feel like the more we can get out and about the better off we will all be.

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