Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Make the Kids Sleep Past 6 Am

... run them ragged. One day this week we went Father's Day shopping at the outdoor mall where it was super hot. Heat zaps their (and my) energy really well! Then we went to get the oil changed and since I knew they would be BOW-ed and still HOT from the mall, not to mention cranky that I wouldn't by them each a 10 dollar ice cream cone at the mall, we walked to the nearby grocery store for a treat. After the car was ready, we drove down the road for a kickboxing class I wanted to try. They played while I died sweated worked out. Then home to do a few chores and have some down time. Whew. Then back out the door to their Tae Kwon Do class and home for dinner and Mark wanted a bike ride. In my effort to say YES more often, we went. Everyone went to sleep easily and slept until ... wait for it... 6:30.

I'll take it.

PS Once swim lessons are over I'll be able to spread errands out through the week and not be so BUSY on one little day. Because that one sure wore me out.

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