Friday, August 8, 2008

Swimming Along

Yesterday I blew off any attempt at housework and took the boys swimming. It was the right decision. I wasn't getting anything done anyway, and frustrated about it.... so I got them all ready (which took a full hour) and we went. It was quite nice. Eric and Mark can swim with the arm floaties (because their inept Momma never signed them up for swim lessons again this summer.) Zack happily plays on the stairs with his arm floaties on which he just doesn't quite trust yet. Then there is Ben. Who is the first of my kids who isn't completely TERRIFIED of the water at this age. No, he's not afraid. He'd stand on the ledge above the first step into the pool, grab my hands and say something that sounded suspiciously like "one... two... three..." and then... he jumped. I'm sure it's not surprising given the other crazy things he does.

It was a fun afternoon after a bunch of not fun afternoons. We all needed it. Which reminds me that my Plan for Staying Sane This Summer was abandoned. Maybe that's the reason these last weeks have been rough. There's so much to do around the house just to maintain and I got caught up in that again. When will I learn? So today, we have to clean. Because it takes a certain level of cleanliness for me to keep this sane feeling. School starts in 10 days. I just have to hang on a little longer.

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