Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today my husband turns 32. That sounds OLD, huh? Ok, just kidding... my turn is in January and that is probably when I'll finally freak out about being in.my.30s. EEK. I haven't cared up til now but 32 just sounds so very ADULT. I know, I'm crazy, but that is entirely another blog post... this one is about my husband and kids. And CAKE.

I had planned to forego the traditional birthday cake route because Kevin is not really a cake person. He'll eat his slice, then the rest gets eaten by me throughout the next few days. Granted, the boys help, but I bet you can guess who eats the most. Then I just feel fat and gross and well, it's bad. So, my plan was to make Creme Brulee instead which would THRILL the man I am married to. Especially since his parents got him a torch made specifically for the purpose of carmelizing the sugar to make that oh so yummy crunchy coating. Good plan, no? Apparently, not.

The boys, upon hearing my plan revolted and insisted that there must be CAKE on Daddy's birthday. Sigh. So, now we have cake and creme brulee.

I can feel my thighs getting fatter already.

Happy Birthday honey! I love you, and your kids, well, they take care of you!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! Wish we could be there to share in the yummy desserts! We could let the kids destroy the cake (I think with all 7 of them, they could take care of it), and we could feast on the creme brulee. Now my tummy is rumbling!

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