Monday, August 18, 2008

So, Yea, Fay

At the risk of obsessing over Tropical Storm Fay, who I've mistakenly been referring to a hurricane... well, face it I'm obsessing. It's our first tropical storm (hurricane) and I'm laughing and being all "Oh come on, I grew up in OKLAHOMA and 50 mile an hour winds. That's NOTHING people." And then they go and cancel school for tomorrow on me. And then they EVACUATE the coastline and that in turn cancels Kevin's work for tomorrow. So, I might be freaking out just a little. Maybe.

When I grew up we prayed for snow days. Being Oklahoma, it didn't happen very often. But snow days brought visions of hot chocolate and snow men and snow ball fights and snow ice cream. All rarities, and all lovely. Hurricane day pretty much just brings me visions of HURRICANES.

Tonight we'll bring in everything from the patio and all that jazz. Tomorrow afternoon Fay arrives (unless she changes course which is FINE by me.)

I think I'll go watch tv, which is all Fay, all the time right now.

This obsessive rant brought to you by me... back to your regularly scheduled internet. Thanks.

PS... First day of school pics & post to come as soon as I find the camera. Yes, you read that right.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

The thing I love (maybe "love" isn't the right word) about hurricanes is that you get SO MUCH notice that they are coming. You can batten down the hatches, load up on groceries, buy batteries... with a tornado or an earthquake - it's just BAM! (Although they give you no time to obsess, so maybe that's a blessing in disguise?)

I'm glad this one was a false alarm.

Mary Kate said...

i grew up in tornado alley but we also had a basement so we just slept through most of the storms. a couple years ago one of the hurricanes made it up to us (middle-eastern Ga) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO scarry! The sky was swirling! I think I will take the quick Sue time to stress;)

Rebecca said...

The build up is definitely the worst... this time. Granted, in a way I kind of wanted to see the tropical storm since I've never been in one... but the word hurricane scares me. In the end it turned and went south of us and unless I've missed something, it was pretty tame.

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