Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Olympics

We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year. It kind of surprised me how the kids have gotten into it too. I love the gymnastics and have spent several nights staying up entirely too late to watch it.

Today, Eric asked me "When we go on the cruise ship, are we going to China?" I told him "No, buddy, why?" He replied "Ohhhhhh man! I want to go to the Olympics!" While, I agree, that would be awesome, I doubt we could get there in time. That would be one long boat ride. Not even mentioning that the cruise isn't until January. Minor details.

Mark said "Mommy! We watched Olympic wresting at school! And I saw Swim Dancing!" Apparently, this is what they did in PE. While normally, I would think it odd to watch tv in physical education... in this case (and that it's day 2 of school) I think it's fine!

I love the Olympics and will be sad to see it end. I know this contradicts my statement in previous posts about not being into sports at all, but something about watching the USA take the gold, or silver, or even bronze just makes me feel happy and... patriotic I guess.

Go USA!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am totally obsessed with the Olympics!! Every time we watch it, the kids will yell "go USA!". So funny! Today they took turns thinking up games, then awarding each other the gold medal! :)

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