Friday, August 22, 2008

Stranger Danger

On Wednesday, as we recapped the boys day at school, it occurred to me that I should go over who can pick them up from school. I told them only Mommy, or Daddy, or Jack's mommy can get you from school, okay?" They said "Okay." To make sure I was clear, I said, "And what do you say if someone else tries to pick you up and bring you home?"

Eric looked up at me and said "Thanks!"


Anonymous said...

LOL- at least he is polite!!

Mary Kate said...

too funny!

Sharon said...

Oh wow!
How did you reply?

I just recently really started going over this topic w/ my 4yo.

Btw, I found your blog searching for stranger danger. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Sharon! Welcome and thanks so much for your comment. I replied to him by reiterating that ONLY Mommy, Daddy, or Jack's Mommy could come get him unless I tell them before school. There really isn't anyone in town that we know well enough to go pick them up, so the list is short. Welcome again! Come back any time!

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