Sunday, August 24, 2008


Have you ever had a flashback to a previous time? As if your brain just kind of goes back in time and forgets the past five (or so) years? No. So it is just me.

I joke a lot about mommy brain and say things like "I think I was smarter before kids." And, even though it's a joke, I'm afraid it's true.

Last weekend I was filling out school paperwork, getting ready for the boy's first day of school. It was all going smoothly. Until I was filling out my zip code and I wrote 73... and scratched it out, realizing I was writing the zip code I lived in in Oklahoma. Then I looked back, and for city, I had written Edmond... state, Oklahoma. I scratched it out and wrote it correctly. Mark's teacher might think I'm insane (I must invest in white out.)

It hasn't happened in a while, but I have been known to give out my parents phone number. The one that I had last over 12 years ago. About 5 phone numbers ago.

So, maybe it's mommy brain. Maybe, I'm just crazy. I'd say both are equally likely. What I want to know is when does it come back? I still would say I used to be fairly smart. Four kids later, I'd say my brain is pretty much mush. I'd like a little of it back. Please?

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