Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tile Tile Everywhere

The back splash is all but finished. It's all over except the grout and the plan is to finish that tonight. And, because we're just on a roll (or something) we've decided to do the floor too. The reason for doing the floor is because, much like the paint in this 2 year old house, the tile sucks. It is a great disappointment actually, because we moved here thinking LOOK! A nice house! Built by a good builder! And it's BARELY been lived in...and then we moved in and in less than a month the tile.started.cracking. And now that the backsplash is SO pretty the cracked kitchen floor just doesn't really fit in anymore. **Side note** I know that houses settle and cracking tile is normal, but it's more than that, the tile has chipped in LOTS of places for things that I don't believe should have hurt good tile.

So, we are hunting for tile. A suggestion for all you tile stores out there. If you are CLOSED, please take your OPEN sign down, or turn it off. It's kind of annoying to pull in with a welcoming sign saying OPEN please spend your money here, only to be met with a locked door. We did manage to find a few truly open stores this weekend, though.

And despite my wishy washy ways; "No, I think that's too dark, too red, too light, too bumpy, too glossy, not textured enough, not big enough, no that one's just ugly" we have it narrowed down to a few choices. Tomorrow I need to go to the store we used for the backsplash and compare.

Oh, and the kids... not so thrilled with the tile shopping. "It's BOW-ing" said Mark, "Yea, boring!" agreed Eric.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for getting it done! And not being too much to start another project! :)

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