Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick House

One of the difficult things about having a bunch of kids (is four a bunch? I sometimes think no. This last few weeks, I'd answer 100% yes. Four is TONS!) is that when they get sick it can take seemingly forever to run it's course. Throw ME getting sick into that mix and it's just magnified by a zillion.

Last week everyone had colds (and possibly pinkeye... there were reddish eye lids amongst the littlest ones, so I started drops right away. I don't mess around with pink eye. UGH) and on Friday Mark was complaining of an earache. Less than 3 weeks since his last ear infection, but in the opposite ear. So, I slightly suspected he might be pulling the wool over my eyes, but not wanting him to suffer, I took him in. On the way to the pediatrician his pain intensified and he started saying "Ow, ow, ow" which led me to believe he was probably telling the truth. Sure enough, he had a really bad ear infection. Thankfully, they put some numbing ear drops in his ear and that really helped until the antibiotics kicked in. Now I just hope for no more ear problems.

I finally am feeling mostly better, still congested but I can walk across the kitchen without wheezing, huffing and puffing now. I thought to myself yesterday how happy I was that we were all getting healthy again and I could get back into my normal routine of gym in the mornings, volunteering at school once a week and getting the house clean. Then right before bedtime I realized Eric had a fever. Then in the middle of the night Monday night he came downstairs and threw up. Then once again before morning. I don't know if it's a stomach virus or evidence of something else because he is also coughing and says his throat feels like something is poking it. So, yes we get to see our doctor again today. It's a really good thing I love my pediatrician.

Now I get to sit here and wonder. I wonder if Mark was okay to go to school today. He slept until 7:45. I'll give you a second to get back in your chair if you've fallen out..... All set? Great.... SEVEN FORTY FIVE. This is my earliest riser and never sleeps past 6:30. I think in is 5.75 he's never EVER slept this late. However, he had no fever, no complaints so off he went. I wonder if someone else will be puking tonight. I wonder if we'll ever be all healthy again. I know we will but sometimes I wish they could just all get sick at the same time so it doesn't span over a 3 week period. I'm sure I'd complain if that happened too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I hate it when there are so many sick that you don't even know who to worry about. And you know Mark must be sick if he slept that late! Abigail once slept until 7- I almost went in to check on her!!

I hope everyone gets better soon and you can get back to the normal craziness. :)

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