Monday, March 23, 2009

When Something Seems Not Quite Right... It's Probably Not

I've had pinkeye a few times in my life. All of those times have been as a parent treatinga child that brought it home. Conjectivitis always clears up in a few days. Honestly I can't remember starting the drops and having them not take effect almost immediately.

This time I felt like I'd be almost better, on the path to recovery, and BAM itching and swelling. It was so odd. Meanwhile, I was waking up everyday with my eyes crusted shut. Even though my left eye started this nonsense I felt like it was getting infected too, so I decided to get a jump on it and start treating it. And it got worse. And worse, and... well you know.

Yesterday Kevin told me I HAD to go to the After Hours place because I looked awful. I had big red circles under my eyes and the circles were spreading across my right cheek. My eyes were puffy and the white part was blood shot. I was quite the sight.

So I went, thinking I was probably going to get chastised for using my kids eyedrops (leftover from the last bout.) I did not however, expect to be told that I was having an allergic reaction. So now I'm all buzzed up because they gave me a shot of steroids, plus a prescription for oral steroids and an antihistamine.

I no longer look like a pink racoon, and more importantly I don't even notice my eyes are in my head, except the part about being able to see. This is a great feeling.

A few lessons I've learned.

1. If something seems not quite right, it's probably not.
2. I should never, EVER take vigamoxx again. EVER.
3. Steroids are pretty awesome except for making me shaking and hyper. I came home from the doctor and talked non stop until 8:30 when I crashed on the couch watching The Amazing Race.

PS The nurse told me not to go to work today. Does that mean I don't have to do chores?


Astarte said...

Holy crap! Pink eye stinks (I get it from the kids every time they bring it home, too, UGH), but to have that happen on top of it, OMG! I'm glad your eyeballs are OK now!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

God I wish someone would tell me not to go to work! Ha!

I'm glad your eyes are feeling better. Feel free to send any unused Vigamoxx this way. We go through that stuff faster than milk.

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