Saturday, March 21, 2009


I know I've talked about these birds before. I have a irrational fear of them. Kevin asked why I didn't go outside so the view was not obscured by the screen. Answer: Because they freak me the heck out...

See (and hear) for yourself:

PS They are LOUD. And I was on the phone while taking that video; thus the giggling, and "yeah."

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Astarte said...

They are BIG.

We used to get gigantic woodpeckers at our old house. They were Woody Woodpecker-breed ones, and did you know that they're really life size on that cartoon? Well, they ARE. They weren't afraid of the kids or I at ALL. They demolished two stumps in the backyard in one season flat, though, so I didn't complain too much. I did keep the kids away from them, though!

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