Friday, March 20, 2009

Darn the Pediatricians Office

I love my kids' doctor. She is seriously the best. If I knew met her at a playgroup she'd be one of the moms I love to hang out with and go to lunch with. I have such a good time chatting with her, and she's just REAL. Love her.

However... I hate the doctor's office. Nothing they did wrong at all, because in all my experience at that office (and it's pretty vast) I've only had one experience that didn't meet or exceed my expectations. I avoid that one doctor and it's golden.

Except. Doctors offices are full of germs. There's no way around it. I try not to let the kids touch anything when we are there (I'm sure you can imagine how successful those attempts are), we sanitize hands, we try very very hard not to acquire any illness. And yet...

A few days ago I was lamenting to a friend about the fact that I have PINK EYE and let it get SO bad because none of the kids had pinkeye and I kept thinking it was allergies. There's nothing quite like waking up to your eyes glued shut with the crusty nastiness that is pink eye. Nothing (okay, I'm sure there's worse but seriously - gross!) She said "You know when all this started? When you took Ben to his 2 year appointment.)

And I laughed. Not because it's funny, but because it was either that or cry. Someone has been sick in my home since February 18th when I took Ben in for his 2 year check up. Coincidence? I'm thinking not? Shall I run down the fun with you? 2 year appointment, we are all happy and healthy. Then Mark gets an ear infection, then Eric gets pneumonia and the rest of us are coughing and sniffly, then this nasty pinkeye nonsense. Come on people, I've Clorox wiped every surface of my house multiple times. Where is it all coming from?

Oh yeah, the doctor's office. Fun stuff!

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Jenny said...

When I was pregnant with my second, I brought our oldest to most of the OB appointments with me because he was still just a baby himself. I started finding a sitter for him when he started getting stomach flu the day after all my appointments!!! Doctors' offices are SO GROSS!

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