Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love Soccer, Practice... Not So Much

Our first venture into organized sports has been awesome! The kids have come so far in such a short time. After the first game I predicted we would be "that" team that lost every game and I was not looking forward to it. Amazing how some practice, good coaching (seriously, we have the BEST coach) and learning a little more about the game can make a world of difference. The next thing we knew we had tied a game! And then won two. Now, I know winning isn't really that important and the main goal in this league is to have fun, but I'm so glad they didn't lose every game.

I love going to soccer games on Saturday mornings. I love watching the boys run and kick the ball. I especially love watching Mark, who I think has a natural athletic ability that I never realized he had before. Eric has to work a little harder, but he's really starting to catch on and do well. They both have a crazy good time.

As much as I love going to the games, I can.not.stand soccer practice. I get that it's necessary. In fact, without our weekly practice we may have continued to be that team that lost every game. However... me alone with the two little ones for an hour in a huge open space is enough to drive me crazy.

Here's how practice went last night. I chased Ben repeatedly away from the parking lot. I took the kids to the far away bathroom because I had to go and suspected Zack did too. We hiked all the way there, and then I had to explain to them why we couldn't play on the playground that was RIGHT there. Then I had to get Zack off the playground when he completely disregarded my reason and made a mad dash for the slide. It's hard to blame him, it's a pretty cool playground. Yet, I needed to be closer to the practice and couldn't be two places at once. I herded the two little crazies back toward the soccer practice, while chasing them both several times as they made attempts to get back to the playground. Once we got back to the practice field, I let them play in the dirt. By play in the dirt I mean pick up handfuls of sand and throw it in the air, letting in fall where it may, mostly on their own heads, faces, arms, and bodies. Then, once that was no longer fun, Ben made another run towards the parking lot. All the while, Eric keeps saying, "Mom, did you see that?" and I had to say no. Which is a bummer. Because I really would have liked to see him.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Urgh. Yes. I have been there. It stinks.

Melinda and Matt said...

I have been there--and am there far too often--sometimes I feel guilty because i discourage the kids from doing some things because I don't want to go to practice....unfortunatley i just signed Caroline up for swim team--1 hr a day for 2 months---3 kids to entertain during that hour. I'm crazy.

Rebecca said...

Every day??? Ack!! You are a SAINT!

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