Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday Stinks

Please head over to Deep South Moms to read about how Mondays are just killing me lately... Tuesday is treating me a little better, with two napping toddlers and a school day. I love school! And I love naps!

Today I've been working in my craft/guest room to prepare it for my parents visit this weekend and instead of just stashing the projects I've been avoiding, I actually did them.

1. Sew buttons on 2 pairs of Kevin's shorts... check
2. Fix pair of jammies... check
3. Fix Eric's comforter...check

It feels good to get those things done.

Now to finish tidying up that room & making it pretty for mom and dad.

1 comment:

Shanna said...

I usually like Mondays too, to get back in the routine. But I would NOT like to have them color on my furniture! Sharpies are a blessing and a curse! :)

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