Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sneaky Momma

So, I had forgotten how hard it is to get drops in a 1 year old's infected eyes. It's hard. But I had a thought last night... He likes his antibiotic. Like he gets excited when he sees the bottle. I was giving him the antibiotic, then doing drops. Somehow, I thought what if I do one eye, then meds, then the other eye maybe it would work. It DID! I couldn't believe it. I can usually sneak the first eye's drops in before he realizes what is coming but then he's really mad and scrunches that next eye tight so I have to pry it open. I hate it. I guess he thought he was done with the bad stuff so he was soooo much easier to give the other eye it's drops. I feel a little bad tricking him but since it worked and made my job a little easier I think it's ok.

I really thought this would be a one time thing. I figured he would not fall for it again today but he did! Lucky for me one year olds have a very short memory.

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