Monday, February 11, 2008

Mark's big news!

Mark's big news is that last week he lost his first tooth. I admit I was alarmed around Christmas time when I discovered it was loose. I was sure he was too young and something was horribly wrong. However, upon consulting my mom friends I learned 4 1/2 was in fact not too young to loose a tooth. It is for me though. Mommy was NOT ready for this step. Mommy had to get on board though because the inevitable happened and that sucker came out. I picked him up from school and he told me it came out and the teacher handed me a cup with the tooth inside. He looks pretty cute with the little hole in between his other teeth (another of which is loose eek!) The tooth fairy was kind and Mark was so excited to find TWO dollars under his pillow the next day. There was only a little grief on Eric's behalf when Mark said "Now I'm bigger than YOU since my tooth fell out first." I assured Eric this was not true. And of course, Eric is not far behind with his own very loose tooth. (Please let it fall out at school too! I think I might prefer it that way! )
Isn't he CUTE??

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