Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny things I've heard today

From little girl at the doctors office... to Mark

girl: "Hey it's SO cool you have 3 boys"

Mark: "Yea, and ACTUALLY we have FOUR, one's just at school" He puts four fingers in the air
Zack: "Two, two two" (I dunno, just what he said, and he was putting 2 fingers in the air)
girl: REALLY WOW!!!! WE have one at school too. And actuuuuualllllly, we have more than two (her mom looks at her funny)kids because we have imaginary friends."

I LOVED That little conversation...

There is more and I'll add to this post as soon as I remember. I've actually heard quite a few hilarious tidbits today. I'll probably remember as soon as I go try to do something productive.

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bellebearberry said...

imaginary friends... that is SOO cute~

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