Thursday, February 28, 2008

New York City baby!!!

I'm outta here! Well, not yet but early enough tomorrow that there is no way I'm writing anything before I head out tomorrow. For the next 3 days there will be no dirty diapers, no kids to feed, no baths, no bedtime battles, no dropping off, picking up and running ragged around school. No messes to clean, unless I make them. Just me and a bunch of my friends in New York City. I am unbeleivably excited. I owe BIG thanks to my husband for agreeing to take Friday off work and do kid duty all weekend by himself. Awwww what a guy!! I'm so ready to go! Except I'm not ready. There's still cleaning, packing, and and other chores to do before I am really prepared. In every other way though I am ready for this break! I'd like to say more but for now I better get to work!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have fun!! I wish I was going with you.... :) Enjoy your kid-free time!

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