Friday, February 15, 2008

I can SEEE!!

I can't believe I'm just now posting this but it's official... bye bye glasses!! I had Lasik last Friday and it is awesome! I still have the vague feeling that I just MUST be wearing contacts but I'm obviously not. Thanks to Kevin for really encouraging this as it was quite the anxiety provoking thing for me. I was so afraid I would freak out. And inside I was. They gave me valium but I really really don't think it kicked in until after the procedure. Ack. They gave me a little stress ball to hold and I squeezed that thing so hard I'm surprised it didn't bust. So just a little description of the procedure. They laid me down and numbed my eye with drops. Then they put this thingie on my eye to hold it open (don't you love my medical terminology?) Then they said "we are going to put this ring on your eye and apply pressure. Let us know when your vision blacks out" Niiiiice aren't we supposed to be improving my vision? Ok so that was one of my freak out points. The "pressure" didn't really hurt but I definitely noticed it. And of course there was the vision blacking out part I really didn't love. But that was temporary and then they released the pressure. THEN they started the fun part. I honestly felt as close to a panic attack that I've ever felt. My heart was racing and I just kept thinking they need to restrain me I'm going to freak out and start thrashing around. But I practiced my deep breathing (thank you child birth classes) and tried to focus on something, ANYTHING else. Then they turned on the pretty red light and while that wasn't comforting it at least gave me something to focus on. They didn't say one more word for the rest of the first eye which was fine with me. I didn't need them saying "now we are going to slice a flap on your cornea" because that might have set me over the edge. Ok, maybe they did mention "look at the light, try to hold your eye still" which is hilarious cause I really felt I had NO control of that. But the pretty red light followed my eye movements. I was vaguely aware of stuff going on and the clack clack clacking and slight burning smell of the laser were very very stress provoking. Whew. Eye one was done. The surgeon said "hey why are you so uptight? You did great! Now try to relax and we will do the next eye." Which lightened my mood. I figured I survived the first one only one more to go. Don't get me wrong I was still squeezing that poor ball for dear life. At first I felt like I was looking through water. I could see the clock and what time it was but it wasn't clear. That is very normal and I could actually see better than I expected to. It only took a couple of hours to have my vision totally clear and the next day they checked my "flap" and my vision and not only did my eye look great (the dr. said if I went to get an eye exam today he would bet the dr. wouldn't even be able to tell I had surgery the day before"...but also my vision was a little better than 20/20. I am in awe. It all seems very sci-fi but it is real! YAY!! I can see!!!

If you are considering Lasik I highly recommend it. It was 100% worth every single moment of stress I experienced. I couldn't be happier.

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Shanna said...

Hi guys! I love your blog! I will be checking it frequently! :) Congrats on the lasix. I would love that one day, but I'm sure I would be a nervous wreck!!

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